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We exist to connect you to others through innovative and captivating web design solutions.

Syndeo Design is a digital web design agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. The agency name Syndeo is derived from the Greek word συνδέω, which means to be connected or bonded together. Our hope is to connect people through web design to make the world a more informed and positive place.

Our Core Values

We are convinced that our core values and culture impact every aspect of our company.


Above all else at Syndeo, we seek to honor people well by building and maintaining positive relationships with teams and their customers. We believe that honoring and valuing one another is required of us, regardless of the situation.


We fully acknowledge that we do not have all the answers. That is okay. We are on a journey and we believe that a humble posture facilitates room to grow and learn new things.


We believe in our mission and are well aware of the skills and gifts that we possess. We believe in refining our talents to provide exceptional services that ultimately advance other people.


We value pushing the bounds of what is possible. We remain open-minded and welcome trial and error. We believe that curiosity and innovation are closely related.

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