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of B2B purchasers say they won’t even speak to a salesperson until they’ve done their own research.
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Convert searches into sales

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative to finding clients who need your products or services. Start ranking higher for keywords and search queries that drive better traffic and leads to your website.

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Lead Pre-Check

Working with better leads oftentimes leads to better conversions and sales. Begin your lead vetting process from their first click on your website.

SEO Lead Vetting

Better Inbound marketing

Build trust and establish expertise with your potential leads by providing high value content and offers.

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The SEO Sprint

Many agencies claim that SEO is like a marathon. While SEO does take time to establish authority, this is oftentimes just an excuse to for agencies to work hard at the beginning and then coast for the rest of your year long retainer. At Syndeo, we believe that multiple focused efforts throughout the year produce better results and give you a better return on your investment.

Our repeatable SEO sprints last at least 4-weeks and are customizable to fit your budget and goals.


Technical and On-Page Optimization

From sitemaps and meta descriptions to broken links and robots.txt files, our team provides insight and guidance into the nitty-gritty technical details of your website that affect your ranking.

SEO Audit Report

Keyword Strategy

We research the best converting keywords for your company, making sure that searches turn into better leads and more sales.

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Content Marketing

Our team creates a content creation strategy and brings in industry experts to write high value content for your company.

Content Marketing for SEO


We work with expert and ethical link builders to earn high quality backlinks that build domain authority and boost your ranking.

Link Building for higher rankings

Work with Syndeo

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Crystal clear communication

Stay informed on and connected with your SEO campaign with transparent communication between our team and yours.

Custom length contracts

Regain control of your SEO efforts. Each sprint is tailored to your company's needs. No more 12-24 month commitments to agencies that underdeliver.

Fast paced environment

Most SaaS companies work in an agile market that is constantly changing. We use our SEO sprints to continuously analyze and improve our strategy to rank your company higher.

Monthly SEO Reports and Analytics

Real data and meaningful analytics delivered to you at the end of each sprint. We’ll also include a brief summary of what has been going well and what we recommend for your next sprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do SEO Sprints cost?
Pricing will vary based on the specific needs of a campaign. Factors that affect pricing are: the number pages on the website, competition, content strategy, backlink acquisition, etc.

Keep in mind that for all marketing strategies the budget will oftentimes determine the scale of the results. In other words, don't expect expect put in a few hundred dollars and get $100k out of it. The ROI is proportional to amount invested.
When will I see some results?
For previously established or mature sites, results can be visible in as little as 3 months. Brand-new sites typically take longer to show results, but can be seen within a few months. What we can guarantee is that you will see some awesome results for your business.
How long do I have to do SEO?
Creating high quality content and establishing authority takes time. For most companies, SEO is often a part of the ongoing marketing strategy. The results of a good SEO campaign can carry on for years if properly maintained and managed.
Why don't I just use advertisements/PPC?
PPC is a great way to get visitors and new leads through online search. However, PPC is not a replacement for SEO, as both are important aspects of an effective marketing strategy. SEO is a long term strategy that establishes your business and brings in more consistent traffic.

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